Monday, 21 May 2012

The Return of the Marine!

        Sequels are in vogue these days, and if they could churn out balderdash and call it as 'this time double the fun'  or 'they are back' of some previous tripe, why can't I do the same. And for the record, I have a valid reason. It is not just because my mailbox couldn't handle the voluminous fan mail. I have a far more principled and sober (just put in these words as they sounded good and don't mean anything to me) reason for  (re)starting my diary and calling it 'Mariners Dairy II' (with the tag line - 'Brain Dead - Once more').  Well, the reason for this affront of using up valuable storage space of some rich company's server, is that my memory had failed me again. And i found out about it under not so pleasant circumstances.  One fine evening after my rum and coke, and a not so brief hiatus from my diary, in a moment of uncontrolled rage after watching Arnab Goswami at his usual worst behaviour, I wanted to sit and finger away (the middle one) on the keyboard to relieve the stress. And to my chagrin, i found to my utter dismay, that memory can not only elude an angry man in his time of need (as i have often discovered during any argument with the fairer sex)  but also take benevolently to the object of your anger and prevent you from finding solace by venting out expletives in the most democratic (and safe) manner available at your disposal. I could not remember the password to my blog and Google sternly and steadfastly refused to entertain me, in my hour of need. So my helplessness and my subsequent defeat at the hands of Arnab when i couldnt respond in equal measure on my media (my diary) led me to my decision to create a sequel. Thus emerged the more stylish and refined (phew) new diary which i intend to fill in regularly and use only the expletives which have already been cleared by the censor board.  In addition,  to safeguard against dementia and other popular debilitating options, I have stored the password in a secure area (classified!) And now i am ready. So Arnab and other imbeciles, beware! The marine is back in town!!!!!

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