Friday, 15 June 2012

Shall WE tell the President!! - A SWOT analysis


                The IPL Season 5 is over, but the bookies have their hands full with the next big season. There is another exciting match coming up, where quite a windfall awaits them.  The bettings are on,in full swing for the next President of this cricketing nation.  And here are the contenders.

  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - Chennai Super Kings
  • Somnath Chatterjee  -   Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Pranab Mukherjee -     Delhi Dare Devils    (Dada was never considered by the Kolkata team owner and has always been a part of Delhi Dare Devils, but his heart is in kolkata and still remains a favourite with the ever volatile Kolkata fan)
  • Dr Manmohan Singh - Kings XI Punjab

        Dr Hamid Ansari and P A Sangma's teams have not been recognized, as yet, by the governing council due to lack of clarity in ownership and funding. They have not been ruled "OUT" and the decision is pending with the Third Umpire (Front).

The SWOT analysis of the main contenders released by the bookies for public information and participation has been reproduced below.

1. Chennai Super Kings:
Strength: Good Technique and strong fundamentals, Experienced. Large fan Base.
Weakness: Inability to read the Googly, face the bouncer and reply to sledging.
Opportunity: Previous winner, Opportunity to excel further and leave a lasting impression on young minds.
Threat: Dominant Opposition, Search by Team Owners for new Talent.

2. Kolkata Knight Riders:
Strength: Gentleman Player, Disciplined, Plays by the rules.
Weakness: Inability to play on the "Left" side
Opportunity: Dark Horse. A chance to establish supremacy over the left attack.
Threat: Unreliability of the Team owner.

3. Delhi Dare Devils:
Strength: Veteran of many finals, Genuine all rounder. Strong ability to face the bouncer and read the googly
Weakness: Over dependence by the team affects performance and result
Opportunity: To cap a long career with crowning glory
Threat: Emerging Players, Bugs!!

4. Kings XI Punjab:
Strength: Ability to evade the bouncers, ignore spin and remain immune to sledging
Weakness: Inability to appeal for a wicket even of his own bowling. Lets his team do the batting and prefers to be the runner/twelfth man.
Opportunity: To be able to finally remain Speechless for prolonged duration if elected.
Threat: Unwillingness of Team Owner to relinquish their saving grace.

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