Thursday, 10 January 2013

Savage Kshetra - An Aman ki Aasha Presentation!


Once again the barbarians have struck.  While the case of Lt Saurabh Kalia is still rankling the conscience of the nation (i sincerely hope it does) and a grieving father doggedly pursues justice for his son, two more brave hearts have been savagely mutilated by the Pakistani soldiers. And what do we do? Condemn it, offer platitudes, and go about organising the next season of Surkshetra, a song and dance show with the Pakistanis!

Pakistani singers and cricketers come to India. We roll out the red carpet, make them win competitions, take some of them in IPL, give them movies, pay them loads of money. They happily make their money here, go back to Pakistan, and pay their taxes to their government from the money they made here. Their government then pay their army from the taxes who then in turn mutilate our soldiers.  So are we indirectly sponsoring the mutilation of our soldiers??????

It is not therefore surprising when Pakistani think tanks have openly proclaimed India as a soft nation and too scared to act in the face of any provocation.  We are a peace loving society, with peace loving intellectuals, who make a living out of peace shows and peace talks and would strive hard to mute any talk of a response in equal measure. We would therefore sacrifice any number of dispensable soldiers and offer their heads for the Pakistani soldiers to indulge in a game of football as long as it does not affect our dance and cricket shows.

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