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This was an exercise conducted at the write club. The assignment was to create a dialogue between two people with a time lag, i.e., the conversation is not in real time.  For this the following scenario was created.  NASA sometime in the future has selected a teenager from one of the colleges to participate in its manned mission to the moon, as an observer.  The teenager is allowed to communicate with one friend on earth  at a designated time every day, by sending a short message.  He will only receive the reply from his friend at the same time the next day. So there is a waiting period associated with the reply after the message is sent.  Here is what I wrote…..

Sent: 1200 hrs Day 1
Dude, Its amazing out here, I am literally on the moon! The journey was cool and the Space Station is kick ass man – just out of this world. I am having a ball out here, never gonna come back man! Just lovin it!!! How’s college dude? Must be boring without me ..

Received: 1200 hrs Day 2
You lucky dude! I should have put my name on that entry form…anyways happy for you! Enjoy your time there buddy. College sucks as usual. BTW Meena was asking about you.

Sent:1200 hrs Day 3
Meena asked about me!! Dude, all these days, waiting at the parking lot, canteen, the library (oh, I hate that place) for a word with her and she asks about me now!! And dude, you know better than to slip in a statement like that so innocently. What did she ask?

Received: 1200 hrs Day 4
Hey, Chill Man. Actually, she had been noticing us following her around.  So when she saw me alone, inquired if you were keeping well. I am surprised how she didn’t know about your selection for the moon mission. She didn’t have change for her library dues and so I helped her out. She will return the money tomorrow.

Sent: 1200 hrs Day 5
What!!! You got friendly with her? She is meeting you tom?? Bro, you know how much I like her, don’t you? Talk to her about me dude! Man, this space station is getting on my nerves. I can’t keep the times these people want me to, for everything. Dude, message me as soon as you get back.  I don’t think I can sleep tonight.

Received: 1200 hrs Day 6
Chill, Pal.  Don’t get excited and fall off the space station, it is a long way down! We had coffee today at the canteen.  She is not the snob that we thought she was, in fact, very down to earth!  You are the one on the moon!! Just kiddin! Do you know, she is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Will be catching a SRK movie tomorrow.

Sent: 1200 hrs Day 7
Hey!! Catch a SRK movie?? Who?? You, She or you both?? Buddy you cant do this to me! This space station sucks. I am gonna ask them for a parachute. I have to get out of this place. Buddy I can’t take it anymore here. Need to be there!

Received: 1200 hrs Day 8
Relax Mate. Enjoy your time there. The movie sucked, she watched SRK and I watched her. Boy, I proposed to her after the movie and she said YES!!! Sorry Buddy, I was also crazy for her. You have the moon ride to be proud of, let me have my moon on earth, yeah man, she means the moon to me!!! Meet you when you are down to earth, till then take care…..

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