Monday, 13 May 2013

In Defence of Pappu!

             When you are deciding the future of a billion people in a nation where the mind is full of fear, and you have to choose between pappu and pheku where would you put your money or whatever is left of it? Detractors of pappu have made a big song and dance about the lack of experience saying Pappu cant dance saala, but I would remind them of the wise words of perceptive prognosis from the angry -once young- man who offered you sweets to proclaim Pappu pass ho gaya!
            Pheku can project himself and his apparition in 3D and Imax 3D all day, but pray what will happen if pheku has to solve our boundary disputes or even go and get the marines back from Italy to stand extended trial in our esteemed court. He can’t even discuss the weather in a conference on climate control. He doesn’t have a visa!!! A Master Card may be, but no VISA! Our long forgotten patriot brethren on foreign soil will emerge like a phoenix to deny him that with a flash flood of signatures.  After all, they have been following the entire progress of pheku on twitter and facebook and with their brilliant intellectual capabilities have been able to denounce the few million desi’s who could have been easily misled due to their native ignorance.  And the guardians of our nation’s conscience who religiously take part in our Independence Day parades on Fifth Avenue and watch our nation’s progress on the television will ensure that the ignorant natives are set right.
And do we need such a leader who is domestically sequestered while his entire cabinet is globe trotting? We have long suffered in silence at a silent PM, now do we need to feel sorry for a Home Alone PM?
            But the clincher for Pappu is in our filmy history. When the pheku rattles out facts and figures, thumping his chest and thundering, Mere state main development hain, progress hain, investments hain, Mere paas experience hai, tumhare paas kya hai, all pappu has to say to elicit a collective sigh from the billions and make them bite the ballot is to reply “Mere Paas Maa hain”.

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